The Itinerary

For those of you interested in the details of our climb, we attached our itinerary below

Guides: Northwest Mountain Guides

Difficulty: Intermediate, glacier and snow

Rope Team: 3 Climbers 1 Guide

Date: August 8th – August 12th, 2012

Day 1: Travel to Northwest Washington, find accommodations and relax for the day.

Day 2: Meet at Hoh River ranger station in the Overnight Parking lot at 9:30am; after packing and lunch we hike 10 miles (with llama assistance) to camp at Lewis Meadows.

Day 3: Early start day. Breakfast and then hike to high camp. Review of basic mountaineering techniques. Early dinner and bedtime.

Day 4: Alpine start. Climb to your personal summit. Descend to Lewis Meadows.

Day 5: Breakfast and hike back to Hoh River trailhead. CELEBRATE your climbing success!

Mt. Olympus is the tallest mountain in the Olympic Range in Washington with a summit of 7,962 feet. The 17 mile approach will take you through the Hoh Rain Forest to the base camp at the bottom of the Blue Glacier. The first night will be spent at Lewis meadows and your llama support will be with you until the base of the glacier. From the base camp you will be making your summit attempt up the snow dome to the rock pyramid of Mt. Olympus. The morning after your summit attempt you will be hiking back out to the trailhead.

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