Training Hike Number One: Mission Peak

Brian, Nicole and Isaac, otherwise known as The Grizzly Three, are currently at  $725 of the $9000 fundraising goal. Your continued support and donations are greatly appreciated. Any information needed and/or questions will be responded to…just ask! Don’t forget to check out our About the Climbers page, as well as the previous post which details our quest for Climbing for Kids! Thanks again!


Several weeks ago, our fundraising team The Grizzly Three, completed our first training hike with interns from Bay Area Wilderness Training and other potential mountaineers. This hike, meant to begin to break us in, was located in the middle of the the seemingly inconspicuous Fremont, CA. As we drove down towards the entrance to the park we passed through suburbs and gated communities. I for one was quite confused as to what we would be climbing and where we were headed. Eventually though we reached the parking lot and met up with the rest of the group. As we looked skyward, we were given our first glimpse of what we would be climbing.

While not terribly intimidating looking, Mission Peak quickly makes its presence known. The hike consists of a somewhat grueling four mile steady uphill climb, in which we gained approximately 2200 feet of elevation. The trails were busy, with hundreds of people trudging their way up the ever increasing incline. I was quite amazed by the variety of people headed to the top. These masses ranged from college students and couples, to grandparents and toddlers attached to leashes. One of the more insane sitings was a guy on a mountain bike who continuously rode to the top and then headed back down to give it another go. We continued, reaching closer and closer to the clouds. With every step up that we took, the wind increased exponentially, and the temperature dropped considerably.

Finally, what seemed like hours later, we eventually all made it to the peak which was  marked by a gritty, graffiti ridden pole.

After taking our epic victory photos and indulging in our trail mix and PB&J sandwiches we sat down to enjoy the view. As we sat enjoying the crystal clear panorama of the Bay Area, Brian’s dad Tim broke out his trusty backpacker’s kite and immediately made use of the strong gusts of wind.

After a bit of digestion and rest, we packed up our belongings and began the slightly less arduous, downhill descent towards the cars. While Mission Peak is not the most remote or rugged of destinations, it proved to be a formidable task to climb, and somewhere we all hope to return to, for another bout of uphill training.


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