Pyramid Fundraiser and Raffle!

We want to put out a GIANT THANK YOU to any and all who attended our recent Pyramid Brewery fundraising dinner and raffle. All in all we made almost $700 for the night and we couldn’t be more grateful.


Guests who attended the dinner were able to purchase a special meal plan that included dinner, two drinks, and a raffle ticket. As the spirits flowed, more friends and family than we could have hoped for showed up, purchasing more raffle tickets and catching up with old friends as a guitarist played in the background.


Towards the end of the night, we announced the raffle winners. Big winners for the night are as follows.

Jefferey Smith – Columbia Omni Tech Gloves

Hannah Jane Mayer – Outdoor Research Alpine Gaiters

Amy Matsuno –  Columbia Jacket

and the DOUBLE WINNER of the night, Tara Benney – Wilderness book set AND Outdoor Research Snow Pants


Thank you again to everyone who came out, and remember our climb is in less than three weeks, so if you couldn’t make the event, considering DONATING

-The Grizzly Three (plus members of Team Rainier Shine)

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Yardsale Success!

With time seeming to speed up as the date of our climb inches closer and closer, the Grizzly Three decided to have a yard sale….and it went AMAZINGLY! After sorting through our own closets and parents garages, we asked friends and family to donate any and all items (of quality) that they could part with, and the night before our sale, Brian and I drove around in his truck picking up the donated goods. We had heard that Friday was the new Saturday for garage sales, so that’s when we began.
With items ranging from guitars and amps, to pocket bikes and tandem bicycles, we enticed passerbys into our yard and rewarded them with literature on BAWT and 50 cent donuts. As the sale progressed through the weekend, our stocks withered and we went around for another batch of donation pickups. We even ended our Saturday with three donated tickets to that nights A’s v. Giants game!
By Sunday at noon, our team had raised just under $1500! We would like to extend our gratitude to anyone who bought or donated something, and to those who simply came by, listened to our cause, and left a monetary donation. Thanks again and keep checking back for more updates!



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The First 70

Recently we saw this trailer for an upcoming documentary titled The First 70. This documentary follows a group of filmmakers as they road trip across the state of California, visiting each of the 70 state parks that were on the chopping block due to budget issues. The cinematography looks amazing and the testimonials are extremely engrossing. The proposed closure of these parks would be a terrible loss and leave them defenseless to a slew of vandals and this documentary sheds light on how ridiculous of idea the cuts really are. Check it out, and again, consider donating so the next generation can learn to appreciate the natural environment and keep these parks funded and open forever.


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Briones Hiking!

Sometimes you forget when you have a little slice of heaven in your own backyard. Recently, The Grizzly Three, along with various friends, have been doing some small, after work training hikes in Briones Regional Park. Briones is a 6100 acre patch of rolling, grassy hills and dense patches of oak trees. On our hikes so far we’ve encountered wild turkeys, garter snakes, a three and a half foot rattle snake, horses, and plenty of circling red tailed hawks and turkey vultures. We have been having a blast exploring the trails at sunset, only a few miles from our front doors. Finally, if you guys are enjoying these posts, or are interested in our cause, please consider donating. DONATE!



Also check out this Photosynth panorama from one of the hikes.


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The Itinerary

For those of you interested in the details of our climb, we attached our itinerary below

Guides: Northwest Mountain Guides

Difficulty: Intermediate, glacier and snow

Rope Team: 3 Climbers 1 Guide

Date: August 8th – August 12th, 2012

Day 1: Travel to Northwest Washington, find accommodations and relax for the day.

Day 2: Meet at Hoh River ranger station in the Overnight Parking lot at 9:30am; after packing and lunch we hike 10 miles (with llama assistance) to camp at Lewis Meadows.

Day 3: Early start day. Breakfast and then hike to high camp. Review of basic mountaineering techniques. Early dinner and bedtime.

Day 4: Alpine start. Climb to your personal summit. Descend to Lewis Meadows.

Day 5: Breakfast and hike back to Hoh River trailhead. CELEBRATE your climbing success!

Mt. Olympus is the tallest mountain in the Olympic Range in Washington with a summit of 7,962 feet. The 17 mile approach will take you through the Hoh Rain Forest to the base camp at the bottom of the Blue Glacier. The first night will be spent at Lewis meadows and your llama support will be with you until the base of the glacier. From the base camp you will be making your summit attempt up the snow dome to the rock pyramid of Mt. Olympus. The morning after your summit attempt you will be hiking back out to the trailhead.

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Movin’ On UP!

Just a few weeks ago, we made a post thanking donors for their generous contributions. To boost our fundraising and challenge ourselves a bit, we loosely set a goal of raising $1,500 by May 1st. Never did we expect that, within only a few days from that post, we would meet and exceed this goal by close to $400!

We are pleased to announce that The Grizzly Three are now at $2,717 of our $9,000 goal.

We can’t thank the following individuals enough for their help and support:

Calimesa Post Office

Tony Gallardo

Kathleen and Tim Repp

Matt Murdock

Mara Villa

Matt Strother 

Jonathan Paul

Ruth McMillin

Rich Gordon

Jon Folks

While you’re here, don’t forget to DONATE!

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This past Monday, two-thirds of The Grizzly Three attended a fundraising workshop held at BAWT headquarters in beautiful Oakland, California. This was the first of many Climbing for Kids meetings, and we were finally able to meet the rest of the Mt. Olympus climbing crew. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, our shiny new gear packs were on display in the office! Check out the photo below for a sneak peak of what we’ll be bringing with us on our trip!


Thanks to the fantastic BAWT staff and interns for showing us how to put the FUN back in fundraising! They provided great tips on how to be creative in approaching potential donors while being sure not to lose focus on why we are doing this, to help youth get outdoors and connect with the wilderness!

Be sure to check out BAWTs new and improved website here:

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Thank You for Kindly Droppin’ In

It’s almost been a month since The Grizzly Three started their fundraising and thanks to some special folks we’re already at $855 of our $9,000 goal!

A special thank you to the following for donating and helping a great cause!

Jake Daumen

Dylan Westhoff

Josh Deitch and Liz Nelson

Paul and Tama Deitch

Michelle DelPrete

Mia and Bill Pare

Arjun Joshi

Cayla Morrill

Help us reach $1,500 by May 1st! Simply DONATE here

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Training Hike Number Two: Berry Creek Falls

“Warning. Strenuous Hike” warned the sign at the beginning of our expedition into the mists of Berry Creek Falls. This was the first sign that greeted us after Brian, Nicole and I, as well as our honorary teammate Kevin Yoshimoto trekked down to Big Basin on a cloudy Saturday morning. On our way down, the weather had quietly gradated from cloudy, to an ominous grey cloak of low floating clouds. By the time we had reached the trail head, it was steadily raining. But weather be damned! The Grizzly Three, as well as about ten other Bay Area Wilderness Training (BAWT) interns, managers and various hikers excitedly filled water bottles and munched on Cliff bars, impervious to the rain falling around us.


The Berry Creek Falls trail is nestled snug inside of Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California’s oldest State Park, located about 20 miles northwest of Santa Cruz. The 10.5 mile trail covers a variety of the park’s habitats, as well as featuring beautiful views, both scenic and up close and personal, of four waterfalls. On this particular hike, we chose to cover the Skyline to the Sea/Sunset Trail loop, which would bring us right back to where we started, while getting to see and experience the widest range of scenery.


The first several miles of the hike took us alongside a pleasant babbling brook, through some of the lushest forest I have had the pleasure of traversing. The strong cover of the immense, old growth redwood forest kept us fairly dry, with a strong mist permeating the air. We quickly reached the first waterfall, known as Cascade falls, and took breaks to load up our cameras with snapshots and our bodies with snacks.


The next segment of the hike found us climbing upward through more lush greenery and muddy trail, pointing out the incredibly numerous banana slug population that had come out to feast on the accumulating dew. About halfway through our total mileage, we found ourselves at the Golden falls, which quickly drops down into the Silver falls, each aptly named for the shimmery ambiance the reflecting water creates. We stopped here for lunch, some quick exploration, and of course plenty of photo ops.

Continuing on, we found ourselves climbing a bit higher and emerging from the most dense part of the forest through rocky outlooks. By now the rain had subsided and the clouds had parted, making way for glorious rays of sunshine. As we traversed the trail, we climbed across logs and over stumps, snaking our way through towering redwoods. Up and down, up and down, the Berry Creek Falls trail was an excellent taste of a variety of hiking conditions. While the unrelenting uphill of our first training hike gave us a good, albeit short, taste of climbing, this trail was our first foray into hiking amongst the elements. Lucky for us, we all relished in the rain and I can’t wait to see what a Mt. Olympus throws at us.


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Training Hike Number One: Mission Peak

Brian, Nicole and Isaac, otherwise known as The Grizzly Three, are currently at  $725 of the $9000 fundraising goal. Your continued support and donations are greatly appreciated. Any information needed and/or questions will be responded to…just ask! Don’t forget to check out our About the Climbers page, as well as the previous post which details our quest for Climbing for Kids! Thanks again!


Several weeks ago, our fundraising team The Grizzly Three, completed our first training hike with interns from Bay Area Wilderness Training and other potential mountaineers. This hike, meant to begin to break us in, was located in the middle of the the seemingly inconspicuous Fremont, CA. As we drove down towards the entrance to the park we passed through suburbs and gated communities. I for one was quite confused as to what we would be climbing and where we were headed. Eventually though we reached the parking lot and met up with the rest of the group. As we looked skyward, we were given our first glimpse of what we would be climbing.

While not terribly intimidating looking, Mission Peak quickly makes its presence known. The hike consists of a somewhat grueling four mile steady uphill climb, in which we gained approximately 2200 feet of elevation. The trails were busy, with hundreds of people trudging their way up the ever increasing incline. I was quite amazed by the variety of people headed to the top. These masses ranged from college students and couples, to grandparents and toddlers attached to leashes. One of the more insane sitings was a guy on a mountain bike who continuously rode to the top and then headed back down to give it another go. We continued, reaching closer and closer to the clouds. With every step up that we took, the wind increased exponentially, and the temperature dropped considerably.

Finally, what seemed like hours later, we eventually all made it to the peak which was  marked by a gritty, graffiti ridden pole.

After taking our epic victory photos and indulging in our trail mix and PB&J sandwiches we sat down to enjoy the view. As we sat enjoying the crystal clear panorama of the Bay Area, Brian’s dad Tim broke out his trusty backpacker’s kite and immediately made use of the strong gusts of wind.

After a bit of digestion and rest, we packed up our belongings and began the slightly less arduous, downhill descent towards the cars. While Mission Peak is not the most remote or rugged of destinations, it proved to be a formidable task to climb, and somewhere we all hope to return to, for another bout of uphill training.


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